Wedding Stylist and Decoration Hire

Bespoke Balloon Installations


Specialising in bespoke balloon installations, our talented team work to create custom colour blends that perfectly match your theme and event. Creating the most perfect shade that matches your theme and vision is super important to us, and that is why we have made sure to perfect the secret recipe needed to create such unique shades. Knowing how to expertly experiment with colour using layering techniques allows us to build the most perfect tones and invent shades you never new existed. Leaving you with the most luxurious and unique balloons installations that will completely transform your space and set the tone for the rest of the event.

Floral Installations


At Saint & Co Events, we are widely known for our ability to custom create the most beautiful and elegant floral installations that are expertly arranged to honour your love and celebrate the romance of the changing seasons. Not only are our floral installations intricately created and designed to complement your specific venue and unique style but they are also one of the most important additions to you venue that have the ability to really bring your space to life and bring an ultimate WOW factor to your event. At Saint & Co Events, we pride ourselves on using the most high quality silk and preserved florals to create a sense of pure luxury and elegance.